Cute & Funny

We’ve compiled an assortment of the cutest and funniest pet moments we can find. Because no one can inspire a smile quite like a pet.

December 21

Dogs with Eyebrows, Because Why Not

Move aside, cat videos. The latest comic sensation to have taken the internet by storm […]

December 14

2016 Popular Dog Names in Sydney

There is no question that Australians love their pets. There are an estimated 25 million […]

December 14

2016 Most Popular Cat Names in Gold Coast

Cats are inquisitive, mischievous, loving little creatures that guard our homes and eagerly greet us […]

December 14

Most Popular Dog Breeds in Sydney 2016

It’s estimated that there are 4.2 million dogs in Australia. That works out to be […]

June 8

Leash Holding – Could it Really be Dangerous?

There is a right way and some wrong ways to hold your dog's leash. Avoid injuries to you and your dog and do it safely.

April 25

A Doggie Kiss A Day Keeps the Doctor Away

In this week’s edition of random-research-people-do-about-our-dogs, apparently a big, old, slobbery smooch is your ticket to good health.

April 5

A Dog’s Short Term Memory is… Pretty Short

Ever wonder why when we tread on our dogs' tails all seems to have been forgotten 2 minutes later? The answer might actually have more to do with science than their beautiful, forgiving natures.

March 20

10 Things We Love About Cadbury: Love Your Pet Day

As it is Love Your Pet Day today, we thought we would share a few of the things we love about our resident Love That Pet Lab, Cadbury.

February 20

10 Things I Love About My Jimmy: Love Your Pet Day

In honour of 'Love Your Pet Day', Dr Eloise Bright shares some of the many reasons why she loves her cat Jimmy.

February 16

Hairballs and Cats: What Should I know?

Ever wondered whether hairballs are normal and what to do about them? This very entertaining video tells us why hairballs occur and what to do about them.

December 10

What is it with cats and cardboard boxes?

Ever bought something for your cat that came in a cardboard box, only for them to prefer the box to the actual present? We had a shot at working out why that is.

November 26

Forget talking to your pets, it’s a pat they’re after

So we know we all love to tell our dogs they are beautiful. According to these researchers, though, they aren’t actually remotely interested in our “talk”. We have the details…