Vet Care

Everything you need to know about taking your furry friend to the vet.

January 11

How to Avoid Heat Stress in Your Pet this Summer

Temperatures are set to soar and its important that you are aware of the risk of heat stress in your pets.

February 24

5 Warning Signs of Bloat That Could Save Your Dog’s Life

Bloat in dogs is unfortunately a common and often fatal emergency, but there is a way you can prevent it happening.

July 24

Like Fancy Pet Gadgets? We Love the Healing Powers of K-laser!

K-Laser enhances natural healing and is wonderful for osteoarthritis and chronic wounds. It is particularly great for pets since it is completely pain free.

July 19

How to make your Pet love Vet Visits

Is your pet a little worried when going to the doctor? At Love That Pet we want your pets to love coming to the vet.

May 22

Keyhole Surgeries – Pets Can Have Them Too

Keyhole surgery is now routine for human surgeries and vets are catching up too. We talk to Dr. Dave about the wonders of Keyhole for pets.